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Hi Bob,
It's been such a pleasure working with you. Below is a review of my experience:
I hired Bob to design and develop a website. Based on the work that I needed to do to contribute to the site (e.g., create text, select photos), I thought that the site would take weeks to develop. In the end, however, the entire site took only days to complete and almost no effort on my part. Bob produced the perfect text, selected perfect photos, and developed the entire site singlehandedly. And with no prompting from me, he also create a logo for the site that pulled the entire enterprise together. Working with Bob was a working relationship like no other I had ever experienced. And because of my excellent initial experience working with Bob, I retained him to serve as a Project Manager on a related project. His communication skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm led to a turnaround time of a week for a project that I had estimated to take at least twice that long to complete. Additionally, everyone loved working with Bob; his high standards combined with the respect he gives to his colleagues, inspired everyone around him to do their best, me included. I could not be happier with the work that Bob has done for me and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
and, regarding the remaining rating, the closed-ended questions and answers are as follows:
Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Was money paid: Yes
Would you hire again: Yes
Approximate date of service: 7-20-19
Categories that apply: Graphic Design, Website Design & Development, Project Management, Copywriting, Marketing
Hope you're doing well!
Dr. Jennifer KralyDr. Jennifer KralyCEO , Fettler Health LLC


Since 1995, Scott Web has been building websites. Almost before people understood what the web was, we were doing E-Commerce.

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Simply put, WE DO IT ALL. From Streaming video, Streaming Audio, Radio & TV Stations, If you can dream it we can do it. Looking for the right opportunity? Ask us about our "Business in a Box."

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Rock Solid Servers, 64GB RAM, All Solid State Hard Drives and MULTIPLE GIGABIT Backbones in an Air Conditioned environment with Diesel Generator Backup. It simply does NOT get better than this. Hardened Linux Environment, all the toys.

Digital Marketing

Social Media? We do it. We build, maintain and SERVICE our customers Social Media Accounts. E-mail marketing, we do that too. SMS Marketing? It's in there! Give us a call to find out how we can help YOU grow YOUR business with the POWER of Digital Marketing

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