The Internet has changed….and many are being left behind.
 It’s really quite simple. Think about it this way.
  1. The MAJORITY of searches and thus results, are completed on some type of Mobile Device
  2. Screen Size is reduced
  3. People “on-the-go” have less time to fool around
  4. The days of the “Desktop” is slowly winding down
Those of us with great big huge websites, bulky formats and link after link will get lost on a mobile device….there simply isn’t enough “room” or time. More importantly, Google LOOKS at mobile search vs. desktop search, and not only presents them in different ways, but is stacking the deck AGAINST the desktop search. We are, simply put, a permanently MOBILE society.
We were taught that “content was king,” and that the more you have, the better you rank. Keywords were of paramount importance. Backlinks, etc. In the desktop days, that was all true, today it’s about being “light” and code, google juice and seduction. It’s not terribly difficult, it’s much simpler, and it works blindingly FAST. To use an old expression, as I sat and watched, it blew my hair back.
WE need to change because Society isn’t going to change, Google WILL change, and if we don’t adapt, we’re toast.
I’m not talking JUST about how we build and produce a site, but I’m talking SEO.
Believe it or not, (I didn’t at first until I spent 40 hours watching somebody DO IT) SEO is completely changing. We can, today, get you IMMEDIATE top rankings. We can build it and SHOW IT TO YOU win 20-30 minutes, and we can long term plan for growth in our SEO presentation. NO more PPC, it’s simply changing and GOOGLE doesn’t want you to know it, because THEIR business is SELLING PPC.

Call us today at (833) 835-8226 and let us SHOW YOU how simple and cost efficient it is to DOMINATE in your marketplace/niche. Alternately, you can email us at SCOTT WEB